Helping businesses make recycling everyday, extraordinary.


Beneficial Reuse & Resource Conservation

Is your company doing everything possible to maximize resources? Is the cost of waste a fixed direct expense to operating costs?
We provide services that assist in reducing waste disposal costs, maximize raw material use, and increase recycling. We accomplish this by working with your team to implement programs of source separation and project delivery resulting in a reduction of materials in the waste stream. Do your part and let us get started.

  • Specializing in the following

    Specializing in recycling the following sorted waste products:
    Shredded Documents, Paper, Files, Magazines, Cardboard, Junk Mail, Printing Overruns
    Plastics, Shrink wrap, Packaging
    Wood pallets & Crates
    Vinyl siding, Vinyl decking and railing

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  • Your Choice, Your Community!

    It’s your choice, your community!
    Reuse, reduce, recycle and rethink waste options. 

    We have choices other than land disposal; sometimes it takes thinking outside the box. Commercial or Industrial; Green Recycling Solutions may have solutions that will help reduce your waste costs.



More than just a recycling company.


Yes, we are different!
Green Recycling Solutions is not a waste company, indeed you could call us a "non-waste company"! We only collect and process site sorted materials that can be beneficially reused or recycled into a new product or a product of its origin. (A process referred to as "From Cradle to Cradle".)
We help offer substantial savings to our customers who separate their garbage from reusable waste. 

Green Recycling Solutions specializes in recycling and helps to lower waste disposal costs while increasing recycling rates. We offer both pick-up and drop-off services for our customer.  As with all services, if you are unsure whether your products are recyclable, contact us and we will be happy to navigate you through the process.


recycled pallets.jpg

Wood Products

Wood Products : Pallets & Crates

Green Recycling Solutions can help companies reclaim the most value for their wood waste. We incorporate this material into our recycling process which results in environmentally-friendly recycled wood products. With the growing economic pressures on companies to lower expenses, recycled wood pallets give companies an affordable alternative to using new pallets with the added benefits of lessening the demands on our forests and landfills. 

With our plant easily accessible to a wide range of Indiana and Green Recycling Solutions is able to provide businesses in the area with competitive pricing and a quality, recycled product.

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Paper Products

Recyclable paper products:

Over 40% of the landfills are made of paper and paper products. Green Recycling Solutions is doing our part to cut down on the paper waste. Our acceptable recycled paper product include :

  • white office paper
  • shredded white office paper
  • files
  • printing overruns
  • junk mail, etc.

Don't let all that waste, go to waste! Bring it to us and free our landfills of wasted paper products.



No wax & no paint.

Lets keep in mind the environmental impacts companies might achieve from implementing a cardboard recycling program within theri own company. Reduced Deforestation. Recycling just 1 ton of cardboard could save over 17 trees. Reduced Water Use. The process required for producing paper based products uses a significant amount of water. By recycling cardboard, your company could reduce water consumption by over 7,000 gallons per ton of material recycled. Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Manufacturing paper from trees uses significantly more energy than using recycled material. Because of this, companies could help reduce energy consumption by over 5,000 Kwh per ton of cardboard they recycle. This also reduces energy requirements and lowers the use of fossil fuels and other energy sources that produce greenhouse gasses. This means your company might help reduce 1 ton of CO2 emissions for every ton of cardboard you recycle.

Just remember that acceptable cardboard cannot have a wax coating or paint on the surface.

plastic recycling.jpg


The Foundry

Below is a list of the plastics we accept. Most plastics are labeled with a Plastic Identification Code. If you are unsure of the plastic material, or it does not have a code, we have given a few examples of the plastics generally associated with the Plastic identification code. All plastics must be clean or triple rinsed before being recycled. We do not accept Styrofoam or Super Saks at this time.

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Cleaning it up in Fort Wayne.


The main office is in charge of overseeing Green Recycling Solutions main operations. We do everything from take phone calls, organize delivery and pickup of resources, and track our drivers and employees while they’re out in the field. We also have public drop-off for recycling right there in the downtown neighborhood location.